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1854 - Territory of Kansas formed by an act of Congress


1861 -  Admission of Kansas as a State


1873 -  Cheyenne County created by the legislature


1873 - Cheyenne County surveyed


1875 -  First cowboys stayed in the county all winter


1879 -  The G.T. Dunn family were the first to spend the winter


1880 -  Cheyenne County's population is 37

              On August 23, the first post office was established in Wano at the A.M. Brenamen trading post

              There are 11 farmers, 3 cattle ranches, and the first white child was born, Adelma Dunn

              Kepferle was the first post office approved in the county (in the northeast of the county)

              Lucius and Nancy Heaton were the first to file homestead papers in the county


1881 - Cheyenne County's population is 100


1884 - First civil suit at law in county


1885 - Wano town site selected and platted

            Bird City platted

            First fair in Wano

            The first German-Russian immigrants arrive


1886 - Cheyenne County organized with 13 townships

            Bird City selected as the temporary county seat

            First courthouse was a leased building for $75 a month in Bird City


1887 - Wano is moved a few miles south by the railroad to land owned by Captain Emerson

            The new town is named St. Francis

            The Citizens Bank was organized April 14 and one year later renamed the Citizens State Bank


1888 - The first train arrives in Cheyenne County on July 8

            The last building is moved from Wano to St. Francis

            The new post office opened in St. Francis


1890 - Half of St. Francis burned down in one hour

             First arrest for murder in the county

            Population is 3,975


1891 - A bounty of $1.75 was placed for every wolf or coyote scalp with ears brought to the County Clerk.  Five cents was paid for rabbits. 


1893 - The grasshopper scourge forced many settlers to leave the area


1898 - The St. Francis Elementary School was erected


1903 - Dewey and Berry Feud


1925 - Dedication of new court house in St. Francis


1934 - Population of St. Francis was 1,834


1935 - The Republican River flood


1946 - Site for the Cheyenne County fair is purchased


1951 - Drilling of the first test oil well


1957 - New roadside park in St. Francis

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